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Implement a resilient, versatile, secure, and user-friendly payment orchestration solution designed to optimize your business’s Transaction Success Rate.

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One platform

A single hub for all your payment requirements

With our payment suite, you can easily and securely handle payments, including acceptance, processing, and disbursement. Gain access to a wide range of contemporary payment methods and leverage our innovative payment solutions to foster business growth

Our adaptable payment platform is forward-thinking, technologically sophisticated, and highly customizable

What's Achieved

Product Features

Improve Payment Flow.
3-Way Integration
Effortless user interface.
Let your Clients Decide.
PCI DSS Level 1 compliance

PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. This is a set of security standards that are designed to protect cardholder data. PayAtom is compliant with these standards to ensure that sensitive customer information is always protected.

VISA Third Party Agent (TPA) and Mastercard Registration Program (MRP):

We are registered as VISA Third Party Agent (TPA) and Mastercard Registration Program (MRP), adding an extra layer of security for our clients.

Comprehensive 360-degree Payment Solutions

Streamline payment processes, enhance efficiency, and establish a reliable system with our proven payment solutions. Grow your business without the concerns of adapting to shifting regulations, emerging technology, or evolving customer trends. Allow us to keep you at the forefront in this ever-changing landscape of digital payments

Online Payments

Effortlessly and securely handle and enhance a diverse array of comprehensive payment solutions.


Efficiently automate your customer and vendor payments with our user-friendly, versatile, and transparent payout system.

Smart Routing

Select from a variety of routing choices that allow you to dynamically switch transactions, ensuring a high rate of success.

Web Payments

Improved browser compatibility for seamless end-to-end digitization of payments across a range of online options.


We simplify integrations with our advanced APIs, ensuring they seamlessly integrate with your current payment platforms.

Unified Commerce

Enhance precision by minimizing errors through a unified commerce infrastructure that guarantees accuracy and transparency.

The PayAtom Edge

Tailored And Secure Solutions

Paytom allows you to customize your business rules to match your transaction requirements, reducing the likelihood of fraudulent activities. In the unlikely event of fraud, our robust risk management system swiftly responds to mitigate the threat and prevent additional risks

Extensive Reporting Solution

Gain a detailed, up-to-the-minute perspective on payment statuses using our exceptionally thorough and automated reporting system

Rapid Settlement

Efficiently oversee your daily operations with one-click, same-day payment gateway settlements deposited directly into your bank account

Risk Mitigation

Don’t allow the threat of fraud to impede your expansion; run your business with assurance, courtesy of our secure online acquisition service and committed support team.

Custom Branding Solutions

Create a tailored payment operation to align with your business requirements using our versatile platform

Cutting-Edge Technical Diagnostics

Our strong, top-tier security system is crafted to swiftly detect and address issues, reducing downtime and ensuring the seamless flow of your payments.

Select a Platform Tailored to your Needs

Certified, flexible, and secure global payment solutions to fuel your business growth. PayAtom is your ultimate partner for scaling to new heights

Optimised Experience

Allow us to Streamline the Onboarding and Verification Process, Payment Distribution, and Timing to Enhance the User Experience.

Added Flexibility

Your money is available to you. Depending on your operational needs and business model, you can simply choose to hold it, split, settle it or move it

Seamless Integration

You can enhance your current system by seamlessly integrating new features as you require them.

Top-Tier Security Measures

Utilize consolidated reporting to access data from various sources on a single platform, whether it's your GST invoices, daily transactions, monthly records, and beyond. Optimize your workflow and enhance daily operational planning with PayAtom.


Same-Day Settlements

Our settlement schedule offers T+0 or T+1, unlike the industry norm of T+2 (where T is the transaction day). Furthermore, you can even choose settlements at 15-minute intervals on the same day as required.


Robust Customer Onboarding and Authentication

Our streamlined procedure offers users a hassle-free signup experience. After registration, we handle KYC, AML, sanctions screening, and identity verification to simplify the process for you.


Adaptable payment options

Experience the pinnacle of customized user interactions, where you have the freedom to determine how payments are distributed, transfer funds among users or between the platform and users, schedule payouts, or perform manual transactions, and much more.


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